About Us

We are Robert and Sonia Maxin, husband and wife, and owners of Fun, Love & Care. We started our business in May of 2009 after realizing the need for this service. Many seniors are on a fixed income or no longer drive and this is how we can help, by offering affordable services. Our customers are like family and we treat them with the same respect and love. We are two individuals who understand and have experience in personally caring for family. We are patient and caring and will ensure that your loved one is well taken care of.

About Robert…..I’ve been a caregiver to my parents for the last ten years and made this decision after my father became wheelchair bound and required full assistance at home. I was able to care for him until he passed in July of 2007. My wife and I currently help take care of my mother. I have two beautiful children Sean and Ava. I truly enjoy helping others and enjoy talking to people. I look forward to meeting you and sharing stories.

About Sonia…..I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 2002. I have experience on medical/surgical floors, home training dialysis, and currently behavioral health. I love my profession and love helping people. I bring to our business my experience as well as my ability to speak spanish. I hope you choose us for your transportation needs and also look forward to meeting you.